Wednesday 18th
Stop and Listen
Do you see and hear the cars?
The trees and poles will glisten.
Sit down, look up, see the stars.
Thursday 19th
Babies in strollers, kids on bikes
Traipse past me every day.
My company gets many likes
A lot of people work here, one could say.
Friday 20th 
Shopping and dining is great
Linger here after your date.
Drinks and food are the bill of fare
But only climb if you dare.
Saturday 21st –
It’s Sunday so no work today
So all my people can play.
Their jobs can wait another day
But, back to work on Monday.
Sunday 22nd –
Make sure to signal if you plan to turn
Right or left depends which way
You are coming from, you’ll learn
Turning left on red, a fine you will pay.
Monday 23rd – 
Around the corner is the spot
Where the medallion is in plain to see
The prize for finding me, the whole $200 pot
Finding it, happy you will be.