Grow the Stroll!

Buttons are available for purchase at these local retailers and nonprofits.

Go Brazen

210 Plum Crazy

Cut Above Home

Tootsie Too’s

Phileo Style

Simple Abundance


Barrel House

S.W.A.T. ~ Salon With A Twist

River Blu Salon & DaySpa

Kevin’s Service

Synergy Insurance Group (Purchased by Synergy and provided to anyone at no cost.)

United Way (Buttons provided at no cost at this location.)

Hope Coalition (Buttons provided at no cost at this location.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Buttons

Q: Why are you requiring the purchase of a button for certain activities this year?

A: For the past twenty years, the Holiday Stroll was a free event. As you can imagine, this is not a sustainable way to put on or grow an event!  We can’t keep offering things for free and expect them to survive. It’s becoming harder and harder to find volunteers to help, and an event like the Holiday Stroll takes over 1000 staff/volunteer hours and it costs over $30,000. The business community has given every year and they are amazing sponsors and advertisers, but we can only ask so much of them. The City of Red Wing does not provide any direct funding for this event, only in-kind services like Public Works time setting up the big tree, picnic tables, garbage cans, and barricades. These are a big help and we couldn’t do the event without them.

The $3 button idea was based on what other communities around us have done for their events–Lake City charges $3 for a button for their Water Ski Days activities and Northfield charges $5 a button for their Defeat of Jesse James Days activities. We felt this was a way that the community could help us keep and grow the Stroll. We will be able to add more activities and host this event for years to come. 

Q: Who has to purchase a button for some activities?

A: Each individual over the age of twelve.

Q:  What if you can not afford to purchase buttons?

A:  It is very important to us that we keep this event accessible to all who want to attend. No child should miss seeing Santa and riding wagons because their family can’t afford a button. We have provided buttons at no cost to the United Way and Hope Coalition, which will be given to anyone that requests a button. There is not a limited supply of these buttons and we will restock as needed.

Q:  What activities require a button?

A:  Santa at the Sheldon, Horse Drawn Wagon Rides, Galatic Village, and Jabba’s Throne Room & Cantina

Q:  What activities do not require a button?

A:  Activities not requiring a button include:

The basement of the Library activities, hosted by the YMCA

St. James Hotel (Gingerbread Contest, Festival of Wreaths, and more)

Lighted Parade

Vintage Snowmobiles

Food Trucks

Any activities inside individual businesses

Q:  Where can I purchase a button prior to the event?

A:  Buttons available for purchase for $3 each prior to the event. The list of businesses is at the top of the page.

Q:  What if I do not buy my button prior to the day of the event?

A:  Buttons will be sold at each of the activities requiring buttons during the Holiday Stroll. Buttons will be $5 each on the day of the Stroll, so make sure to get one beforehand!